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MSC Development Inc. has built it's reputation by offering credit for niche specialty services, to consumers who are turned away everywhere else.

Turn your dream into a purchase you can actually afford!

Limited-Time Offer


Allow MSC Development Inc to finance your next qualifying purchase, and you could get up to $200 off*! Get started today so you can take advantage of this special limited-time offer.

Manage Your Account Easily, Online


Our client dashboard makes it easy to check your balance, review payments, and update your account online.


We help clients build their credit rating, by reporting on-time payments, early payoff and more! Our online tools help you stay up to date on the maturity of your account, from the convenience of your computer or smartphone. Join the thousands of clients who use MSC to get access to the products and services they need, while improving their credit score.

Optimize your credit score

Less Money Down & Easy Payments


Our Philosophy: Make financing affordable for everyone. We manage our program so that we can offer installment plans to anyone, at any point in their financial journey. Any credit history, any income level - we're here to help with others won't.

Update Your Payment Info


The best way to keep your account in good standing is to make sure your payment information stay up-to-date. Review your automatic payment details and update them within 24 hours of any change. This will help ensure your payments clear as scheduled.

Early Payoff - Discount

One of the ways we help our clients is to offer them significant incentives for paying off their account early. The idea is simple, the sooner you pay it off, the more you save. Contact a representative to get your Early Payoff Earned Discount Price, today.

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We report all on-time payments to a major credit bureau.

On-time payments will build your credit.

20 years of Experience

Reporting to Credit Bureaus

Early Payoff Discounts

Online Support

We Specialize in Financing What Matters to You

Many companies in our industry put their emphasis on financing purchases that hold the most market value, like homes, cars, and luxury items. But few are interested in the person making the purchase. At MSC Development INC, that's all we care about. If you believe you've found something that can improve your life, we want to help you get it. Period.

How can we help you finance today?


MSC Development Inc. provides installment purchase options to individuals for specialty services. For assistance with your application or for any other questions, reach out and let us know how we can help.